At Chacruna: Ayahuasca in the Heart of Europe

Miroslav Horák, Ph.D. There is a fire burning in the center of the tipi, surrounded by an altar made from fresh leaves and flowers. About 30 […]

At Chacruna: How Psychedelic Science Privileges Some, Neglects Others, and Limits Us All

Jae Sevelius, Ph.D. Promises of psychedelic science include the opportunity to transform consciousness itself, to creatively generate new solutions to old problems, and to elicit deep […]

At Chacruna: How Our Santo Daime Church Received Religious Exemption to Use Ayahuasca in Canada

Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester In June 2017, after 17 years of working with the Canadian government, the Santo Daime Church, Céu do Montréal, Eclectic Center of the […]

At Chacruna: How the Amazonian Tea Ayahuasca Affects Mental Health

Dr. Adele Lafrance, Dr. Anja Loizaga-Velder, Jenna Fletcher & Dr. Timothy D. Brewerton More and more people from around the globe are turning to ayahuasca, the […]

At Chacruna: My Degree Is From The Forest

Leopardo Yawa Bane I believe that the issue of Ayahuasca is, in essence, an issue of human rights: as humans of this earth I believe that […]

At Chacruna: Ayahuasca Propaganda and Society’s Addiction to Moral Panic

Dena Sharrock, Ph.D. (c) Public opinion matters; and, when it comes to mind-altering substances such as the Amazonian shamanic brew ayahuasca, moral panic matters. The “drugs” […]