Talking ayahuasca with Dr Beatriz Labate

This week we are speaking to Dr Beatriz Labate. Bia is an anthropologist and author or editor of dozens of books and academic papers on psychedelics. […]

At Chacruna: Cultivating the Mind, Body & Spirit with Ayahuasca

Dr. Clancy Cavnar Ayahuasca has been called the teacher of all teachers, and its lessons are respected by those who use it in every format and […]

At Chacruna: The Effects of Ayahuasca on the Ego

Dr. Clancy Cavnar Ayahuasca is a medicine that has the power, in some people, to heal trauma, to inspire insight, and to change habits. The mechanism […]

At Chacruna: Taking Charge of Your Ayahuasca Integration

Dr. Adele Lafrance & Dr. Tanya Maté Integration is a hot topic among ayahuasca circles, and for good reason. Integration can involve emotional and spiritual support […]

At Chacruna: Who Is Cannabis?

Kathleen Harrison, M.A. Homo sapiens, and all the Homo species that preceded us, or cohabited with us for a part of our history, are in fact […]

The Santo Daime and the UDV receive religious exemption to use ayahuasca in Canada

On June 6, I have posted this news in my Facebook page: “Ground breaking news! Santo Daime in Montreal just received a legal exemption from the […]