Drugs and Culture: New Perspectives

Editors: Beatriz Caiuby Labate, Sandra Goulart, Maurício Fiore, Edward MacRae and Henrique Carneiro – Researchers of NEIP (Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Studies, www.neip.info).

Publisher: EDUFBA
Support: Brazilian Ministry of Culture (MinC) and Research Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo (Fapesp)
ISBN: 978-85-232-0504-1
Format: 17 X 24 cm, illustrated – 440 p.
Price: R$ 40.00 (Brazilian Reais + shipping fee)


Cover Flap: Luiz Eduardo Soares

Foreword: Gilberto Gil and Juca Ferreira

Preface: Julio Simões

Introduction: Beatriz Labate, Maurício Fiore and Sandra Goulart

Part 1 – The History of the Consumption of Drugs and their Prohibition in the West

1. Eduardo Viana Vargas (Antropology – UFMG/NEIP) – “Drugs and other Socio-technological Objects: Notes on a Pharmaco-genealogy”

2. Henrique Carneiro (History – USP/NEIP) – “The Historicity of the Concepts of Drugs: Autonomy and Heteronomy in the Chemical Technologies of Subjectivity”

3. Thiago Rodrigues (Doctor in International Relations, PUC/SP; Nu-Sol/PUC/ NEIP) – “Drug Trafficking, War and Prohibition”

4. Maria Lucia Karam (Retired Judge and Coordinator in Rio de Janeiro of IBCCrim – Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences) – “The Law 11.343/06 and the Repeated Harms of Prohibitionism”

Part 2 – The Use of Drugs as a Cultural Phenomenon

5. “The Question of ‘Drugs’ Today: An Interview with Gilberto Velho” by Maurício Fiore

6. Maurício Fiore (PhD Candidate in Social Sciences, Unicamp/CEBRAP/NEIP) – “Pleasure and Risk: A Discussion about Medical Knowledge of the Use of ‘Drugs’”

7. Stelio Marras – (PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology – USP/NEIP) – “From the Natural to the Social: The Controversial Agency of Drugs”

Part 3 – The Use of Drugs: Cultural Diversity in Perspective

8. Norberto Guarinello (History – USP) – “Wine: A Mediterranian Drug”

9. Laércio Fidelis Dias (Doctor in Social Anthropology – USP/NEIP) – “Socio-cultural Aspects of the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages among the Uaçá Indigenous Groups”

10. Renato Sztutman (Anthropology – USP/NEIP) – “Caium: Substance and Effect”

11. Sandra Goulart (Doctor in Social Sciences, Unicamp/NEIP) – “The Stigmas of the Ayahuasca Cults”

12. Edward MacRae (Anthropology-UFBA/CETAD/NEIP) – “The Development of the Brazilian Public Policies on the Religious Use of Ayahuasca”

13. Edilene Coffaci de Lima (Anthropology – UFPR) and Beatriz Caiuby Labate (PhD Candidate in Social Antropology – Unicamp/NEIP) – “The Urban Expansion of Kampo (Phyllomedusa bicolor): Ethnographic Notes”

14. Alexandre Camera Varella (Masters in History – USP/NEIP) – “Y que no Sea Borracho ni Coquero: Psychoactive Substances and the Andean World in Guaman Poma”

15. Anthony Henman (Masters in Anthropology, Writer and Independent Researcher with the Fundación Plantas Maestras – Lima/NEIP) – “Human Ethics and Plant Wisdom”

16. Maria Isabel Mendes de Almeida (Sociology and Political Science-PUC-RJ/ Coordinator CESAP/UCAM) and Fernanda Eugenio (Doctor in Social Anthropology MN/UFRJ/Researcher with CESAP/UCAM) – “Existential Landscapes and Pragmatic Alchemy: A Comparative Reflection on the Recourse to Drugs in the Context of the Counterculture and the Contemporary Electronic Music Scenes”

17. Tiago Coutinho Cavalcante (PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology-UFRJ/NEIP) – “The Use of the Body in Electronic Music Festivals”