“This book is a stunning, awesome achievement. The editors and contributors have created a magnificent tour de force with a depth, diversity of perspective, and clarity of insight that deserves a place of honor and respect in the library of everyone interested in either religion, science, anthropology, ayahuasca, psychotherapy, drug abuse treatment, and more. This is  the epitome of a 21st century book in that it ranges in its focus from the most advanced modern, scientific clinical research to the most sophisticated of anthropological discourse, to the profoundly authentic voice of indigenous healers, all treated with dignity  in pursuit of the intangible, ineffable, shadow of the face of God. This edited collection of essays would make a fantastic textbook and offers a multiplicity of interrelated and overlapping but distinct ways of knowing that build on and enhance each other, making the book much greater than the sum and strength of its parts. This masterpiece is a pleasure to be savored.”

Rick Doblin

Ph.D., MAPS President.