Table of Contents – O Uso Ritual da Ayahuasca, 2nd ed. [The Ritual use of Ayahuasca]

Foreword to the Second Edition – Beatriz Caiuby Labate and Wladimyr Sena Araújo

Preface: Ayahuasca and its Uses – Mauro Almeida

Introduction – Beatriz Caiuby Labate, Sandra Goulart and Wladimyr Sena Araújo

Part I – Ayahuasca Among the Peoples of the Rainforest

Pedro Luz – The Amerindian Uses of Caapi

Esther Jean Langdon – The Narrative Tradition and Apprentiship with Yagé (Ayahuasca) among the Siona Indians of Colombia

Barbara Keifenheim – Nixi pae as Sensory Participation in the Transforming Principle of Primordial Creation among the Kaxinawa Indians of Eastern Peru

German Zuluaga – The Culture of Yagé, the Indians’ Path

Jacques Mabit – Visionary Production of Ayahuasca in the Curandero Context of the Upper Peruvian Amazon

Luis Eduardo Luna – Amazonian Shamanism, Ayahuasca, Anthropomorphism and the Natural World

Mariana Pantoja Franco and Osmildo Silva da Conceição – Brief Accounts of Ayahuasca: The Use of the Tea among the Rubber-tappers

Part II – The Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions

Beatriz Caiuby Labate – The Brazilian Literature on the Ayahuasca Religions


Sandra Goulart -The Context of the Emergence of the Cult of Santo Daime: The Formation of the Community and the Ritual Calendar

Beatriz Caiuby Labate and Gustavo Pacheco – The Maranhão Roots of Santo Daime


Arneide Bandeira CemimThe Rituals of Santo Daime: “Systems of Symbolic Montages”


Fernando La Rocque CoutoSanto Daime: Rito da Ordem

Clodomir Monteiro da Silva – The Ritual Use of Ayahuasca and the Reconnection of Two Traditions: Visions and Incorporation in the Cult of Santo Daime

Walter Dias Jr.A Travel Diary

Maria Cristina Pelaez – Santo Daime, Transcendence and Healing: Interpretations of the Therapeutic Possibilities of a Ritual Drink

Edward MacRae – A Plea for Tolerance among the Different Ayahuasca Denominations

Carsten Balzer – Santo Daime in Germany: A Forbidden Fruit from Brazil in the “Market of Religions”


Wladimyr Sena Araújo – Barquinha: Symbolic Space of a Cosmology in Construction


Lucia Regina Brocanelo Gentil and Henrique Salles Gentil – The Use of Psychoactive Substances in a Religious Context: The União do Vegetal

Sérgio Brissac – José Gabriel da Costa: The Trajectory of a Brazilian, a Master and the Author of the União do Vegetal

Afrânio Patrocínio de Andrade – Contributions and Limits of the União do Vegetal to the New Religious Consciousness

Part III: The Pharmacological, Medical and Psychological Studies of Ayahuasca

Glacus de Souza Brito – Human Pharmacology of Hoasca: A Plant Hallucinogen Used in Ritual Context in Brazi

C. S. Grob, D.J. McKenna, J.C. Callaway, G.S. Brito, E.O. Andrade, G. Oberlander, O.L. Saide, E. Labigalini Jr., C. Tacla, C.T. Miranda, R.J. Strassman, K.S. Boone, E.S. NevesHuman Pharmacology of Hoasca: Psychological Effects

E.N Andrade, G.S. Brito, E.O. Andrade, E.S. Neves, D. McKenna, J.W. Cavalcante, L. Okimura, C. Grob, J.C. Callaway – Human Pharmacology of Hoasca: Clinical Effects

Benny Shanon – Ayahuasca and the Study of Mind

Jonathan Ott – Pharmahuasca, Ayahuasca and Jurema Preta: Human Pharmacology of Oral DMT Plus Harmine