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General Information

– Sites about psychoactives: NEIPErowid; Maps; Hefter

– Sites about ayahuasca:; Ayahuasca forum

E-mail of NEIP researchers on psychoactive substances

Scientific interests

To join NEIPMaurício Fiore:

– Research in anthropology about the Brazilian ayahuasca religions – Alberto Groisman:; Sandra Goulart:; Edward MacRae:

– Research in history about psychoactive substances – Henrique Carneiro: or Alexandre Varella:

– Research in anthropology about San Pedro and other psychoactive substances – Anthony Henman:

– Research in anthropology about indigenous uses of psychoactive substances – Glenn Shepard:

Botanic research about ayahuascaDenizar Missawa Camurça:

– Research about ayahuasca visionary paintings – José Eliézer Mikosz:

– Biomedical research about ayahuasca – Brian Anderson: Rafael Santos:

– Biomedical texts about ayahuasca – MAPS Library

– Ayahuasca Scientific Literature Overview, compilation by José Carlos Bouso & ICEERS

– Scientific research about the UDV –  Coordinator of the UDV’s Scientific Commission:

– Research about mental health and ayahusaca consumption – UDV’s Medical Department –

– Reserach about the antidepressive properties of ayahuasca – Sidarta Ribeiro:

Political Activism

Drug Policy Alliance

Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics

Growroom –  Sérgio Vidal:


– Research about legal aspects of the use of psychoactive substances: Cristiano Maronna:; Luciana Boiteux:

Articles about the legality and ethics of ayahuasca

– Legal problems involving the use of ayahuasca – Mauro Chaiben:; Otávio Augusto Rossi Viera:; Alancardino Vallejos:

–  Legal problems involving the use of psychoactive substances – Mauro Chaiben: and Maurides Ribeiro:

Treatment of problems related to the consumption of psychoactive substances

– Harm Reduction– Bruno Gomes:


– Takiwasi


International Federation of Ibogaine Treatment providers