Meyerratken, Ulrich; Salem, Natalie. Daime: Brasiliens Kult der heilenden Kraftpflanzen [“Daime: O culto das plantas de poder curadoras/curativas do Brasil”]. Munique, Editora Knaur. 1998.

Summary of the book:
“In Brazil the authors meet with the legendary beverage -Ayahuasca-, which is employed in South America since thousand of years as a visionary medicine. Impressed by the force of this psychoactive plant-medicine they joined the Santo Daime cult, to probe the secrets of these sacred plants. In order to gain close insight in the cure and wisdom transmitted by Ayahuasca, they lived for some years in a brazilian Daime-community, CEFLUMAC, in Santa Luzia (Minas Gerais).

About the authors:

Ulrich Meyerratken was born in 1960. He is biologist, programmer, coach, teacher and writer and lives near Munich in Germany.

Natalie Salem was born in 1966. She is magister in slavistic and teacher and lives near Augsburg in Germany. Together they have a son (12) and a daughter (8). They are now divorced.

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