Recently I have joined the MAPS conference, “Psychedelic Science in the XXIst Century” and got in touch with a part of the California psychedelic scene. I felt as if I had jumped into a tunnel that took me to some kind of contemporary Macchu Pichhu dream… This community combines arts, music, scientific interest and a strong shared aesthetics. Even though I am familiar with tattoos, piercing, dreadlock and body modification, all this together with a specific way of dressing was sui generis to me. Much could be said about it, but here I only wish to express my awe through this tattoo from someone I met. This is a very intelligent and sweet man, a psychologist around his 30ties. He has the 5 following tattoos in his body: the chemical formulas of DMT and Harmaline (both present in ayahuasca); Psilocybin; LSD and MDMA.

I asked him why he had done that and he answered: “I believe in the transformative powers of these substances”. 

PS – curiosity: see the message the MAPS staff released in one of their bulletins before the conference:

In case you are curious as to how to dress for this conference, MAPS’ staff and associates plan to dress in either business formal or business casual attire during each day’s proceedings, and those of us attending the Shulgin Tribute Dinner will be dressed in semi-formal evening attire.  We certainly do not want to discourage your personal style or artistic flair – we do encourage you to channel your expression in a professional manner that makes you comfortable.

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