I invite you to register to my course “Ayahuasca, Science and Spirituality”, which will be held in the fall in CIIS, in San Francisco.

This course will systematize and reflect on the academic knowledge of ayahuasca from an anthropological perspective. An interdisciplinary understanding and comprehensive view of this Amazonian brew will be promoted, stimulating an exchange between academic knowledge and the knowledge of practitioners. The course will offer a historical and socio-cultural overview of ayahuasca shamanism, ritual, and religion in multiple modalities. Analysis of contemporary expansion, and controversies and disputes related to the internationalization of shamanism and its uses in traditional societies and in urban settings, will be encouraged. In light of this, the legitimacy of neo-shamanism will be contemplated on its own terms. Students will be introduced to the field of health-related ayahuasca studies and its main concepts. This focus will lead us to explore the continuities and discontinuities between religion and healing, as well as between sacred and profane uses. This class will help students to understand cultural and social aspects of ayahuasca in relation to artistic productions such as songs and designs and patterns associated with visions. By its conclusions, methodological, ethical, and political aspects of research will be addressed. The ultimate aim of this course is to stimulate intellectual reflection and research on this topic and enhance the development of this emergent field of studies.

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For further information, please contact Heidi Fraser at: ewp@ciis.edu

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