By Michael Krawitz
Vienna update: Evo Morales and Queen of Sweden
Date: Mar 11, 2009 7:57 AM

real time BLOG notes.

Witness to history today. President Morales holds up Coca
leaf at podium while addressing world body of CND.

This is not a drug he said. This is a leaf. It may have
some small amount of alkoloid inside, I am not scientist
or a doctor but this is a leaf and has been used by
my people for thousand years without abuse without harm.

He said it is time to correct mistake in 1961 treaty. He put
the leaf in his mouth and said, this is Coca chewing! It is
a custom and a ritual that is important to my people. He gave
the local names for this activity in several languages.

It was a wonderful experience to witness this firsthand. He
received many applause especially when he said after many
years of chewing, had the leaf been a drug with effects
they describe then he would not be now a president of
the great country of Bolivia.

Next the Queen of Sweden. As happens often at this
level of activism I have had to retool. In this case
retooling in the face of
new evidence wrt the Queen. She is our friend and great
asset here. She speaks as representative of NGO Mentor.
Mentor, although helping to produce the recent awful Swedish
drug meeting and resolution, did not sign on to said
resolution and the Queen here today well represented the
world NGO community with the Beyond 2008 resolution
and process. I am very impressed with David Turner, NGO
Committee, Vienna, even more then before.

It is a good day for NGO’s working in this UN drug
treaty process.
Indeed a new day has started, it may still be dark but
I am seeing enough now to get around without a flashlight
for the very first time in my 13 years or so of this work.

Until the next installment and finished BLOG which
will reside at and,

All the best,

It is with great apprecciation I mention that my team of
Chris Conrad, Mikki Norris, Lennice Werth and myself have
received finacial support to attend and particiipate at
these meetings from Open Sociaety Institute.

Also to I wish to mention great thanks to Dennis Weir of
Trance Reseaarch Foundation for his great work at this
level that has asssisted our team in accesssing meetings
here in Vienna at CND.

And finally special thanks to Rick Doblin whose work
is indespensible andd overlaps with ours and indeed
has helped to enable ours.

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