Psychologist Rachel Harris is conducting a research study about North Americans and their ayahuasca experiences. She is exploring whether their ayahuasca experiences change their lives in terms of behavior, decisions, beliefs, moods, and attitudes. This is the first study of its kind to explore these areas of ayahuasca’s lasting effects on North Americans. A recent study by another researcher found no evidence for a decline in the neurocognitive skills of US subjects who use ayahuasca in the Santo Daime religion.

Harris’s early training was as a Residential Fellow at the Esalen Institute in the late 1960’s. She is the recipient of a National Institute of Health New Investigator Award. She has operated a private psychotherapy practice for over thirty years.

Persons who have used ayahuasca in North America are encouraged to download and take Harris’s questionnaire (PDF) and then email it to her anonymously to ensure confidentiality.

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