Title: Bibliography of the Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions

Authors: Beatriz Caiuby Labate, Rafael Guimarães dos Santos, Isabel Santana de Rose, Govert Derix.

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In the last decade, we have observed an enormous increase in studies of the so-called Brazilian ayahuasca religions. In an effort to address this expansion of the field and the difficulty of accessing these materials, four authors in three different countries formed a research network and, over a period of one year, put together a bibliography of the field that aims to be the most exhaustive possible. The bibliography includes specialized literature and “native” writings, and is 66 pages in length with references in ten languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Where possible for reports of investigations in pharmacology, psychiatry and psychology, notes of where and when the research was done were added in parentheses subsequent to the references. The expansion of these religious movements within Brazil and into other countries, of which the boom in studies is evidence, points to a growing relevance and timeliness of this topic.

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