Dr Robin Rodd. Born in Ottawa, 1975. Between 1999-2001, conducted 18 months of ethnographic fieldwork with the Piaroa ethnic group of Venezuela, including a shamanic apprenticeship. Examined the psychocultural and phenomenological bases of Piaroa shamanic practices, how yopo (Anadenanthera sp.)snuff and Banisteriopsis caapi are used to develop knowledge of social and psychological dynamics deployed in healing, divination and sorcery. Received a PhD with Distinction from the University of Western Australia in 2005 for a thesis entitled ‘The biocultural ecology of Piaroa Shamanic Practice’. Currently Lecturer in Anthropology at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. Research interests include ethnopharmacology, yopo, Ayahuasca, shamanism, neuro-anthropology, psychological and medical anthropology. He can be contacted at robin.rodd@jcu.edu.au.

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