Title: Ayahausca, Salutogenesis and the Need for “Ecological” Approaches

Author: Franz  Friczewski


How or in which respect is visionary experience real? The article wants to point out that in order to understand the meaning of visions for life, we need a non-linear, ‘ecological’ way of thinking. The quest for visions in a general sense belongs to human nature – just as language. Therefore it seems worth while to investigate not only what shamans know, but HOW they know. The theoretical frame applied involves Humberto Maturanas “biology of love and cognition” as well as Aaron Antonvsky’s “salutogenesis” paradigm.

Biographical note on the author:

Franz Friczewski was born in Koenigsberg, East Prussia in 1939. In 1966, he received his Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences at the Alexander University of Erlangen. He received his PhD in Social Sciences in 1969 at the same university. His main interest of research is workplace health. He conducted research projects on occupational stress at Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin [Social Science Research Center Berlin] and worked as a consultant and coach for occupational health. He gives lectures and seminars on these subjects. He is currently writing a book entitled “On the Edge of Chaos – The Art of Re-Thinking one’s Thinking”. In the year 1995 he met the Santo Daime tradition in Manaus, Brazil, and became interested in understanding the ayahuasca experience. He also has been practising Vipassana meditation for many years.

Available in English here:

In German: “Ayahuasca-Erfahrung, Wissenchaft und die Kunst, sein Denken neu zu Denken”. Available in: http://www.neip.info/html/objects/_downloadblob.php?cod_blob=997

To get in touch with the author: franz.friczewski@t-online.de

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