Opening the Door to Drug Abuse Treatment with Psilocybin

A Spiritual Approach to Quitting Smoking

 A Johns Hopkins / Beckley Foundation collaboration

with Professor Roland Griffiths

Scientists have found that the entheogens (roughly meaning God-evoking substances) sometimes bring about states that are indistinguishable from the mystical and visionary states reflected in the sacred texts and poetry of the world’s religions. These states of consciousness may provide an opportunity to overcome addictive behaviors.

Indeed, before research with psychedelics was suspended due to prohibition, some studies suggested that these substances, when administered under supportive and well-prepared conditions, were effective in helping people overcome addictions.

This will be the first study in recent times to investigate the use of psilocybin-facilitated treatment of cigarette smoking in participants who have attempted to quit smoking several times unsuccessfully.  Should this research prove successful it will open the door to the use of psychedelic assisted therapy in the treatment of other addictions.

* * *

The First Psychedelic Study in the UK Since Prohibition

A Study Investigating Changes in Blood Flow and Remote Memory Access Brought About by Psilocybin

A Leading London Institution/Beckley Foundation Collaboration

This study will investigate, with the latest brain imaging technology, both the changes in cerebral blood flow brought about by psilocybin and how psilocybin affects regional activation and emotional responses. In so doing, this study will help inform the psychotherapeutic applications for this fascinating and important compound.

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