Voices In Solidarity (www.voicesinsolidarity.org) was founded by the anthropologist and singer Juliana Birnbaum, from San Francisco, California. It is a non-profit organization that brings together ayahuasceros and activism in order to support indigenous-led rainforest protection movements. Their current work is with partner groups in the Brazilian Amazon.

Voices in Solidarity recorded a live album during an ayahuasca session with several Brazilian musicians in 2004 at the Kaliandra temple in Goias – a project founded in 1993 by Brazilian musicians Sol and Sampatti. The album was released as a benefit for the Ashaninka tribe. You can listen to it on the site.

Read an article by Juliana at: http://www.terramistica.com.br/artigos/ashaninka.htm

To get in touch with Juliana: juliebirnbaum@earthlink.net

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