Clancy Cavnar is a doctoral candidate at the John F. Kennedy University School of Professional Psychology pursuing a degree in clinical psychology. Her dissertation research investigates the effect that the norms and traditions have on gay and lesbian people who consume ayahuasca in a group setting. Gay and lesbian participants from Christian-based groups such as Santo Daime and the União de Vegetal will be recruited in addition to individuals who have used ayahuasca in shamanic settings or other groups not related to shamanism. This dissertation will explore the effect of the use of ayahuasca on self-perception, self-acceptance, and group dynamics in regard to sexual orientation. Clancy has worked in the field of mental health for the past 16 years, primarily working with homeless clients and people with substance abuse problems. Her focus has recently shifted to working with severely emotionally disturbed children. She will be completing her pre-doctoral internship at a school for emotionally disturbed children, La Familia Day Treatment Center in Hayward, California. In addition to her graduate work in psychology, California. Clancy is a master’s level artist whose work can be seen at

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