Recentely Alto das Estrelas did a presentation at a Retiro (Retreat) at the Santo Daime church “Centro de Iluminação Cristã Luz Universal” – CILCLUMIG/Flor do Céu – in Santa Luzia, Minas Gerais (Brazil).

Jimmy Weiskopf (*) read about it in this blog and has sent the following translation of one of Eduardo Gabrich´s (Ciclumig´s president) hymns, in homage to this meeting and to a man he considers to be “one of the best maestros of ayahuasca I ever worked with, as well as a cherished friend”.


O dia em que eu cheguei aquí nesta doutrina
Eu estava perdido procurando me encontrar
Aí então destampou meu pensamento
Fui nas alturas conhecer aonde está


The day on which I came here to this doctrineI
I was lost and searching for myself
It was then that my thought opened up
I went to the heavens to know where it is

Aonde está a realidade última
A morada do segredo universal
O meu mestre foi chegando e apresantando
Todos os devas que habitam no astral

Where the ultimate reality is
The home of the universal secret
My maestro was arriving and introducing
All of the devas who live on the astral plane

Ali estava uma força poderosa
Que grande amor eu senti no coração
Suavemente um perfume de rosa
Quem me fitava era a Virgem da Conceição

A powerful force was there
How great the love I felt in my heart
Gently a perfume of roses
She who gazed at me was the Virgin of the Conception

Trabalhei, trabalhei forçosamente
Confiando e me entregando com fervor
Recebi de meu mestre este presente
Amar a Deus e a todos seres ter amor

I worked and worked intensely
Trusting and fervently surrendering myself
I received this present from my maestro
To love God and feel love for all beings

Fui chamado no seu lindo gabinete
Então fizemos una concentração
Olhava para o tempo eterno que passava
Quando ele me entregou uma missão

I was called into his beautiful chamber
Then we concentrated on the visions
I was watching the eternal passing of time
When he gave me a mission to carry out

Oh! Filho meu, filho de Deus, filho da terra
Filho do sol, da lua e das estrelas
Aqui estamos todos nesta maravilha
Para louvar e agradecer a nossa vida

Oh! My child, child of God, child of earth
Child of the sun, the moon and the stars
Here we are all in this marvel
To praise and give thanks for our life.

By: Eduardo Gabrich (

Translated into English by Jimmy Weiskopf (

(*) Jimmy Weiskopf is an American and naturalized Colombian. He has been living in Colombia for the last 25 years, where he is married and has a son. In 1963, he got his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University (New York) and in 1966, a Master of Arts degree from Cambridge University (England). He is a translator, journalist and member of the Asociación de Prensa Extranjera of Colombia. He has translated more than fifty books. He is also a leading investigator of the indigenous use of yajé (ayahuasca). He has written an important study of Colombian yajé practices: Yajé: The New Purgatory, Encounters with Ayahuasca, (Villegas Editores, 2005), winner of the 2005 Latino Book Award in the category of health. The book is an independent English-language version of his Yajé: El Nuevo Purgatorio (Villegas Editores, 2004). Weiskopf has also written about yajé in publications in Americas, Earthwatch and Shaman’s Drum, his most recent being an interview in Number 67, 2004, of the latter. He has also studied the uses of ayahuasca in Peru. For the past fifteen years he has been a follower of some of the country’s most eminent “taitas” or healers, among them Taita Pacho Piaguaje, Taita Antonio Jacanamijoy, Taita Diomedes Días, Taita Isaías Mavisoy, Taita Oscar Román and Taita Eustorgio Payoguaje.

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