In September 2014, the World Ayahuasca Conference (AYA2014) brought together more that 650 people, including shamans, psychologists, anthropologists, lawyers, doctors, and drug policy experts from all over the world, as well as a few government representatives. During the conference, a group of 25 renowned scientific, legal, and public policy experts established the Ibiza Expert Committee for the Regularization of Psychoactive Ethnobotanicals. The Ibiza Ayahuasca 2014 Declaration is a consensus established by this group. It urges governing authorities and drug control bodies to reconsider the traditional and cultural value of ayahuasca practices worldwide. The Declaration requests for political decisions to be based on scientific evidence and human rights and for the ceasing of legal prosecution of ayahuasca practices. By collaborating with representatives of the communities of people who drink ayahuasca, efficient self-regulation models and health can be promoted through joint public educational initiatives. Our commitment is to work towards de-stigmatization and the reduction of legal vulnerability of people drinking ayahuasca and to foster tolerance and a better understanding of legitimate ayahuasca practices.

Click here: 2014 Ayahuasca Declaration: Ayahuasca in the Globalized World

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