Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (June 17-19th, 2011 – University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) is a sacred convergence of some of the most knowledgeable and practiced hearts and minds related to plant medicines. Indigenous Leaders, Ethnobotanists, Shamans and Medical Researchers in the field of psychedelics from around the globe will meet to speak, hold forums, panels and share their wisdom. Coming to understand and connect to earth Intelligence, and the possibilities for healing, planetary transformation and self-realization they provide is a central focus. Some of the topics will be how medicines relate to healing, drug policy, globalization, and what sacred use of the plant teachers look like. The Spirit of the SPMC is to have a collective sacred experience together that is profound and lends awareness of the truths and possibilities of relating to plant-life as a whole, empowering the individual in cultivating those relationships on their own terms in the future. Featured speakers include Dennis McKenna, Kat Harrison, Guillermo Arevalo, Gabor Mate and others. More information is available at:  http://spiritplantmedicine.com/

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