Baguley, Esther. Das singende Volk von Juramidam – Lieder der brasilianischen und europäischen Santo Daime-Religion. [“O povo cantante de Juramidam – canções da religião brasileira e européia do Santo Daime”]. Tese de Mestrado em Antropologia Cultural, Universidade de Marburg, 2006, 107 páginas.

The focus is on the Songs of the Mestre Irineu, Pad. Sebastião and Pad Alfredo, which have a fixed place in the ritual calender of the Cefluris-Line, on the more prominent daimistas of mainly the Cefluris-line and some unknown regional hinos and of other languages and countries (Germany, Netherlands, England). The thesis focus on the hyms, particulary on the aspect of “receiving a hino”. The theoretical background is based on Bachmann-Medick and her “culture as text” hypothesis, which explores the connections between the science of literature and anthropology, and takes literature as source for the anthropologists – literature as “autoethnography”. It alsos describes the process of transnational hybridity and syncretism of christian elements, afrobrasilian and even asian religiosity, as well as new age-movement references. The research involved participatant observation.

The thesis is in German.

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