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Check here chapter 1, here chapter 2, here chapter 3 and here a book related to the project.

See now information on the other member of the projetct, Jan Weinhold.

He is the author of: Weinhold, Jan. Failure and Mistakes in Rituals of the European Santo Daime Church: Experiences and Subjective Theories of Participants [Falhas e erros nos rituais europeus da igreja do Santo Daime: experiências e teorias subjetivas dos participantes], in: Hüsken, Ute (ed.). Ritual Failure, Mistakes in Ritual, and Ritual Dynamics. Leiden, Brill. (in press)

Jan Weinhold is a research psychologist who works within the RISA-team examining the relationships between drug-use, ritualizations and their preventive and salutogenetic effects. RISA is a long term project supported by the federal German Research Organisation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) and the Institute of Medical Psychology at Heidelberg University. They are part of a collaborative research group, the Sonderforschungsbereich Ritualdynamik, who are conducting a longitudinal study on the use and abuse of psychoactive substances.
Among other contexts Jan´s research looks at elaborated rituals with Ayahuasca, primarily in the European Church of Santo Daime. His current focus are questions of “ritual transfer” between South-America and Europe, “ritual efficacy” of Santo Daime rituals, and subjective theories of Santo Daime members.

His current Ph.D. work deals with the various functions, settings and meanings of physicians’, psychologists’ and psychotherapists’ use of illegal drugs.

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