Session: Rising Researchers

Call for Papers

A World Psychedelic Forum will be held in Basel, March 21-23, 2008.
It is anticipated that this will be the first of a series of yearly

This is a call for papers ONLY for the session, “Rising Researchers”
not for the WPF 2008 in general. Time limit per paper: 12 minutes.

LANGUAGE: This session will be in English. To submit a proposal in
German or Swiss, please contact Dr. Torsten Passie:

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to submit a proposal, researchers should not yet be well established in psychedelic research but intend to contribute to the field, perhaps organizing their careers toward future psychedelic research. Typically, papers might be based on dissertations or theses, elaboration of already published papers,
papers under submission, or preliminary reports of work in-progress.

Descriptions of psychedelic courses or shorter instructional units within other courses and their syllabuses are also welcome.

METHODS: Papers should have scientific, scholarly, artistic, or practical merit. Methods might include experimental, surveys,comparative, anthropological, archeological, clinical, philosophical,historical, etc.

DEADLINE: Proposals should include the following and be emailed to by August 1st. The sooner the better.


Address of proposer, both email and postal. Organizational affiliation if any.

Do you plan to use PowerPoint slides or other visuals?

Source of proposal, e.g., dissertation, unpublished research,syllabus, etc. See Eligibility above. If this is a dissertation,thesis, or derived from a published paper, please include its bibliographic information.

Title of proposed paper

Abstract: limited to 200 words. When possible, use non-technical
language. Do not include graphics.


  1. gabriel says:

    Verdadeira Parada Psicodélica.
    Esses transes da humanidade a gente sorri e lê Drummond:
    “…Nunca me esquecerei desse acontecimento
    na vida de minhas retinas tão fatigadas.
    Nunca me esquecerei que no meio do caminho
    tinha uma pedra
    tinha uma pedra no meio do caminho
    no meio do caminho tinha uma pedra”.
    Muita luz, muita paz e muito amor aos irmãos psi e de tantas outras paradas. E que não sejam os primeiros a pegar em pedras para atirar contra os outros. Aproveitem-nas e construam algo de bom.

  2. Gogo Sebastião says:

    Esta postagem liga direto com a notícia de como as autoridades canadenses estão considerando aprovar e custear pesquisas sobre o uso de psicodélicos para debelar vícios e auxiliar tratamento psiquiátrico.
    Veja aqui (in English, though):
    fraternos abraços, Guilherme Barcellos