Love and Psychedelic Psychotherapy: Bridging the Divide

Dr. Adele Lafrance and Dr. Paul Uy There is incredible potential for the psychedelic renaissance to rehabilitate and revitalize the concept of love in psychotherapy and […]

Sacred Plant Alliance

Since 2019, Chacruna has been  in the process of forming the Sacred Plant Alliance, a self-regulating organization and professional society of religious and spiritual practitioners dedicated […]

Celebrating 25 Weeks of ‘Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines’

Erika Dyck We have learned about early participants, and key figures and confidantes, whose influences have been crucial. But our contributors have also opened new avenues of study. The response has been creative, […]

Psychedelics and the Queer Art of Survival

Jeremy Schulz The queer art of survival centers the experiences of the borderlands, those spaces where multiple identities meet as sacred and essential. Juxtaposing the Christian […]

Researchers Demand Reparations to Mazatecs for Mushroom “Spirit”

Marcelo Leite Psychedelics are currently undergoing a renaissance in psychiatry, with psilocybin at the forefront. However, this important substance is tainted by original sin: Science has […]

Marlene Dobkin de Rios: A Case for Complex Histories of Women in Psychedelics

Taylor Dysart Thus remarked Marlene Dobkin de Rios (née Dobkin) in her autobiography, a vivid account that traced her decades of experience as a medical anthropologist […]

Using Psychedelic Therapy to Heal Intergenerational Racial Trauma with Dr. Joseph McCowan

Sean Lawlor Joseph McCowan, Psy.D., licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, wears many hats. He has spent the majority of the last decade working in nonprofit community […]

Blessings of Life and Peyote with Debi Roan

Sean Lawlor Debi Roan’s mother told her she was born with a peyote button stuck to her cheek. Throughout her life, her parents have facilitated peyote […]

Mescaline Scribe

Patrick Farrell Simone de Beauvoir’s description of Jean-Paul Sartre’s encounter with mescaline in 1935 is a striking account of a psychedelic experience gone wrong. The episode […]

Let’s Talk About Hikuri: A Peyote Conservation Project by the Wixárika

Lisbeth Bonilla y Pedro Nájera “Let’s Talk About Hikuri” (‘Hablemos de Hikuri’) is a project that was designed to create spaces for dialogue about hikuri (Lophophora williamsii), or […]

“A ‘Dose’ of Radical Christianity”: Psychedelic Therapy with Dr. Florence Nichols

Andrew Jones When we think of the history of psychedelics in Canada, the work of prominent men such as Abram Hoffer, Ewen Cameron, Humphry Osmond, and “Captain” […]

Entheogens, the African Diaspora, and BIPOC communities with Kufikiri Imara

Maria Mocerino Kufikiri Imara is a facilitator and community activist from Oakland, California, who looks to play a part in growing the entheogenic BIPOC communities in the […]

Ayahuasca, Severe Illnesses, and the Mystery of Death

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A New Supreme Court RFRA Ruling May Be a Boon to Psychedelic Religions

Gary Smith, J.D. The conservative shift in the Supreme Court continues to have profound effects upon religious jurisprudence. For psychedelic religions in particular, the Supreme Court’s […]