Mrs. So-and-So, Women’s Participation in Psychedelic Trials

Erika Dyck Clinical trials today recognize the need to include sex variables in research, and the gendered differences in medical research continue to influence how scientific […]

DEA Denies Soul Quest’s Religious Exemption: Impacts on the Ayahuasca Community

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How Ayahuasca Can Help Gay Men Create Better Dance Parties

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Hippie Girls in Yorkville: Canada’s Haight-Ashbury

Erika Dyck I had the pleasure of sitting with author and film-maker Stuart Henderson recently, to ask him about his work on the history of the […]

CIA-Funded Research Exploited Black Americans in Search of “Mind-Control” Drug

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Susi’s Tram Ride: Recognizing the First Woman to Take LSD

Mariavittoria Mangini and Erika Dyck Susi Ramstein was the first woman to take LSD. She was also the first psychedelic guide. Despite these amazing firsts, very […]