The Misfortune of “Right Wing” Psychedelia

Nathan Fernandes There is a myth that people who drink ayahuasca tea, a psychedelic drink of Amazonian origin, are more likely to have a progressive mentality, […]

Anonymous Letter to Conservative Masters of the UDV

In a anonymous letter, members of the União do Vegetal (UDV) — one of the main ayahuasca religions in Brazil — have show their dissatisfaction with […]

Rediscovering Our Ancestral Roots of Exploration

Joseph McCowan Over the years, developing a deep relationship with psychedelics and the natural world have been integral to my growth, healing, and wellness. Psychedelics initiate […]

Ann Shulgin, pionnière de la ré-émergence psychédélique actuelle, est décédée à l’âge 91 ans

David E. Presti, Mariavittoria Mangini and Bob Jesse Ann était la veuve et la co-conspiratrice du légendaire chimiste Alexander Shulgin dit “Sasha” ; elle était aussi la […]

Letters in Support of the Right to Try Clarification Act and an Inter-agency Taskforce on Psychedelic Medicines and Therapies

Martin R. Steele, Lynnette A. Averill, PhD, Brett M. Waters, Esq My name is Martin R. Steele, and I am a retired Lieutenant General in the […]

How Do Psychiatric Medications Interact with MDMA or Psilocybin?

Aryan Sarparast, Chris Stauffer, Kelan Thomas and Benjamin Malcolm If MDMA or psilocybin is approved by the FDA for treatment of PTSD and depression, then what […]