Is Ayahuasca Cultural Heritage of Brazil?

Henrique Fernandes Antunes  Ayahuasca, a drink produced from two plants native to the Amazon region, has gained notoriety in Brazil and internationally, especially because it contains […]

Profitdelic: A New Psychedelic Conference Trend

Ashleigh Murphy-Beiner Almost a decade ago, Breaking Convention hosted the UK’s first-ever psychedelic conference at Kent University. Little did the organizers know, back then, that this would play […]

At Chacruna | Kilindi Iyi tribute video: psychedelic pioneer with high-dose psilocybin

Chacruna honors the life and legacy of Ahati Kilindi Iyi, a worldwide pioneer in psychedelic science and healing and a prominent figure in the community of […]

At Chacruna: Urgency of Community Aid in the Mental Health Crisis

Jordana Grader and Dana Kittrelle Pema Sheth is a shamanic practitioner who offers healing circles in Oakland to heal ailments such as PTSD, addiction, and depression. […]

At Chacruna: Lessons for Psychedelic Advocacy from the Front Lines of Cannabis Reform

Allan Steiner In 2016, I found myself with the horrifying responsibility of informing traditional cannabis farmers, with decades of cultivation experience, that their assets and knowledge […]

At Chacruna: Ayahuasca is Helping the Global North to Discover the Sacredness of Tobacco

Leonardo Rodríguez has a Ph.D I am a Colombian national, based in Geneva, where I work with a project to give visibility to sacred plants, including […]