Science Has Shown Me the Way Ahead with Psychedelics

Marcelo Leite I’m a Brazilian science journalist and columnist with the daily, Folha de S.Paulo, and have been reporting about psychedelics for more than four years now. I’m […]

Yagé Encounters

Carlos Miguel Gómez That night Lucho had six cups. When he went to ask for the seventh, the taita, drunk on firewater rather than the medicine, […]

Michael Pollan Plunges into Mescaline, Opium, and Caffeine in His New Book

Marcelo Leite I write this review of This is Your Mind on Plants, by Michael Pollan, after three mugs of coffee and two cups of black tea. […]

Webinar: Ensuring safety for all in psychedelic medicine

This webinar, hosted by EENet, will feature a conversation among key experts in the psychedelics field, discussing their viewpoints on ensuring psychedelic therapies are safe for […]

Press Release – Chacruna Institute’s Patenting the Sacred Series: Critical Dialogues on Law, Economics, and Indigenous Rights in the Psychedelic Renaissance

On Wednesday, October 27, the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines will be promoting the fifth round of its “Patenting the Sacred” Community Forum Series with […]

Addressing Abuse and Repair: An Open Letter to the Psychedelic Community

Diana Quinn, Rebecca Martínez, Dr. Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe, Claudia Cuentas and Carolyn Fine In recent weeks, a series of accounts have come to light alleging abuse of […]