Navigating a Double-Edged Sword: Toward Psychedelic Apprenticeship

Christopher Timmermann and David Dupuis Psychedelics are rapidly achieving the status of breakthrough therapies based on their potential for human development (Nutt, Erritzoe, & Carhart-Harris, 2020; […]

Community Alert! Arrests and Encounters with Law Enforcement…

Rob Heffernan There have been over 200 seizures of ayahuasca and other plant medicines shipped into the US from other countries in the last year or […]

How I Joined the Secret SSRI Circles of 1985

Andrew Penn I had heard about this stuff from a friend of a friend. “Ricky,” my buddy told me, “some big deal psychiatry researcher out at […]

Wilma Mahua Campos, Shipibo Ayahuasquera

Samantha Black Hello friends, I would like to share some experiences I have had during my many years in traditional medicine. My name is Wilma Mahua […]

Press Release: Chacruna Institute to host community conversation about CA SB 519

On August 25, 2021, California Senate Bill 519 (SB519) was paused in the CA State Assembly Appropriations Committee. Being the first and most expansive psychedelic decriminalization bill to […]

Can Psychedelics Promote Social Justice and Change the World?

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