At Chacruna: Women’s Historical Influence on “Set and Setting”

Zoë Dubus In relation to psychedelic drug experiences, “set and setting” refers to an individual’s mindset and the physical and social environment in which the drug experience takes […]

At Chacruna: Why Ibogaine Is Not the Answer to the Opioid Crisis

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‘Vi muitos abusos sexuais em grupos de ayahuasca’, diz antropóloga …

Carlos Minuano Bia Labate se diz uma vítima de condições desafiantes no Brasil. A antropóloga brasileira foi morar na Califórnia (EUA) em 2017. Segundo ela, o […]

At Chacruna: Dating My Ayahuasca Shaman: Sex, Power, and Consent

I engaged in what I thought was a consensual relationship with my shaman. After many years, I have realized that what I really needed was for […]

At Chacruna: LGBTQIA Providers and Participants in MDMA Clinical Trials with Terence Ching

Maria Mocerino Terence Ching became interested in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as someone who identified as Singaporean Chinese and queer. He is also a clinical psychologist-to-be; operating within […]

At Chacruna – Tribute to Dr. Domingos Bernardo, the legal expert who fought for the freedom of ayahuasca (1941-2020)

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