Railler les psychédéliques : une critique du dénigrement de la conférence Queering Psychedelics par Jacques Mabit

Justin Natoli En tant que personne queer et non binaire, je suis habitué·e à aller à l’encontre des idées reçues concernant le genre et la sexualité. […]

Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative of the Americas: A Respectful Path Forward for the Psychedelic Movement

Joseph Mays, Daniela Peluso and Bia Labate As the “psychedelic renaissance” thrives, the psychedelic community finds itself navigating the merging realms of social, ecological, and political […]

The Emergent Field of Psychedelic Chaplaincy

Jasmine Virdi and Oriana Mayorga As we forge deeper in the psychedelic movement, and substances like MDMA and psilocybin steadily edge closer to being FDA-approved medicines, […]

Press Release – Chacruna Institute’s Studies in Psychedelic Justice Provide Critical Education Taught by Leading Experts

April 12, 2022 – Filling a void in the psychedelic space, Chacruna is now offering Studies in Psychedelic Justice, an inclusive program with 3 courses and one workshop focused […]

Press Release – Chacruna Institute’s Religion and Psychedelics Forum Recenters Psychedelics’ Spiritual Roots

April 6, 2022 – From April 21–24, Chacruna hosts the Religion and Psychedelics Forum, a four-day conference featuring some of the most exciting and diverse voices on aspects of […]

A Medicine Heritage of 160 Indigenous Peoples: The Origins of Ayahuasca Before Globalization

Daiara Tukano The forest is diverse, and so are the peoples whose origins include the medicine now popularly known as ayahuasca. However, few know which peoples […]