At Chacruna: Can the Psychedelic Movement Learn from the Movement for End of Life Liberty?

Kathryn L. Tucker, JD As an advocate, I have engaged in multidimensional advocacy to press for recognition of the rights of terminally ill patients on various […]

At Chacruna: Psychedelic Research and You. Well, Maybe, not You

Lebert F. Lester III, B.A and Michael Crawford, M.A Psychedelic research is noticeably lacking both participants of color and researchers of color, and “objective” thought patterns […]

At Chacruna: Sacred Mushrooms of the Mazatec Tradition: Transforming the Inner Landscape of the Human Psyche

Francoise Bourzat, MA When I first sat down with my teacher Julieta in Huautla de Jiménez in Mexico, after having explored entheogens for some time in […]

At Chacruna: Great Shamanic Deception: Using Ayahuasca as a Conduit for Sexual Fulfilment

Rebekah Senanayake I didn’t realize I had been sexually assaulted by a shaman until a few years after the incident. His manipulation brainwashed me, and for […]

At Chacruna: What Could a Conscious, Psychedelic #MeToo Look Like?

Britta Love, MA Increasing awareness of sexual abuse and exploitation by ayahuasqueros and other healers has been disconcerting for the psychedelic community, where “shamans” are often idealized and […]

At Chacruna: Am I a Sectarian Drug User? A Brief Legal Comment on the Religious Use of Ayahuasca in Brazil, Belgium and the Netherlands

Ben Meeus It’s never easy for people belonging to minority groups to express their identity and have the freedom to live accordingly. Often, majority groups feel […]