At Chacruna: The Peyote Files

The Peyote Files is a documentary web series following the anthropologist Dr. Bia Labate in the search for the elusive peyote cactus in West Texas. Built around […]

At Chacruna: Should Psychedelic Therapists Have First-hand Experience with Psychedelics?

Elizabeth M. Nielson, PhD and Jeffrey Guss, MD Self-experimentation with psychedelic compounds by researchers and therapists played an important and largely undocumented role in the psychedelic […]

At Chacruna: The 40 Best Books About Shamanism and Plant Medicines

Chacruna We offer here a selection of 21 of the most interesting references in biomedicine, psychology, and health pertaining to ayahuasca. No doubt that we have […]

At Chacruna: The Encounter That Introduced Peyote to Western Science

Mike Jay This photograph is one of hundreds in the archives of the Smithsonian Institution that record people of the Plains tribes in their forced captivity […]

At Chacruna: Pieces of Ayahuasca, a Cash Crop

Carlos Suárez Álvarez, M.A. I am presenting here several excerpts from A Cash Crop, my last multimedia book, that shows how Banisteriopsis caapi, once an abundant and commercially […]

At Chacruna: Why Psychedelic Science Should Pay Speakers and Trainers of Color

NiCole T. Buchanan, Ph.D. Despite a commitment to creating a more just society,1 many psychedelic science organizations do not pay speakers and trainers for their services. I […]