Opening the Portals of Heaven:Brazilian Ayahuasca Music provides a concise summary of the use of music in the Santo Daime and UDV religions. Embracing the phenomenology of musical practice in broad terms, summarizing its history and treating long-awaited questions like ‘how are the hymns and chamadas created?’ or ‘who is actually singing during a ritual performance?’, the authors touch upon crucial points regarding the power and efficacy of musical performance in religious frameworks, thus pointing towards fruitful future research in that area.”
Bernd Brabec de Mori
Ethnomusicologist, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Vienna)

“In this great, small work, we find privileged passkeys to the complex musical universe of the so-called ‘ayahuasca religions’ founded on dense research into how the ‘musicians’ represented here understand their musical practices. Besides treating us to another indispensable chapter of the great Brazilian musical tradition, they help us understand the relation between music and religion in broader terms, and the way that we become spiritual beings through poetry, rhythm, and melody, and communicate with realities other than the immediate.”
Edmundo Pereira
Professor of Anthropology at UFRN and researcher in the Laboratory for Research in Ethnicity, Development, and Culture at the National Museum/UFRJ

“I often say that the musical heritage of the ayahuasca culture is surprisingly rich, whether in the strictly musical dimension or in the poetical one. This small book opens a path to understanding a phenomenon of Brazilian musical culture that is expanding throughout the world. This pioneering work will be a reference both for those already familiar with the subject and those who wish to enter into it.”
Marcelo Bernardes
Musician, Arranger, Professor of Brazilian Music and president of the Tenda Espírita Flor da Montanha, a Santo Daime Center in Lumiar (Rio de Janeiro)

“The human voice is mysterious in itself. From the beginning, the sung word, through its enchanting power, through its expansive, restorative and renewing force, has had a central place in the celebrations and in the spiritual life of all peoples. This is how I appreciate this inaugural book about Brazilian ayahuasca music: it is a surprising, simple, honest, wide-ranging study of  something much more important than we sometimes imagine.”
Francisco Assis de Sousa Lima
Psychiatrist, poet, researcher of popular culture, and member of the Corpo do Conselho of the Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal (UDV) of the Núcleo Samaúma, in Araçariguama (São Paulo)