Personal Healing with Ayahuasca Helped Me Be a Better Psychologist

Gerard Artesona Plant medicines can help us achieve a more integrated perspective on how we see ourselves and the world. This is an important goal that […]


A respeito dos equívocos presentes na ‘N​ ota de Esclarecimento e Advertência’​ elaborada pelo Conselho Municipal de Entorpecentes de Belém do Pará e a Coordenação Municipal […]

Ayahuasca Community Outreach: Distribution of the Guidelines for the Awareness of Sexual Abuse in Iquitos, Peru

Emily Sinclair As part of our efforts to disseminate the Ayahuasca Community Guide for the Awareness of Sexual AbuseI traveled to Iquitos, Peru during the summer of […]

At Chacruna: Mrs. Amada Cardenas: Keeper of the Peyote Gardens

Deep in the heart of South Texas, where peyote (Lophohora williamsii), the mind-expanding cactus sacrament grows, is a place known by many as the “Peyote Gardens.” […]

At Chacruna: Declaration from the Spiritual Authorities, Representatives and Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Region

UMIYAC We are the original people that have inhabited these ancient lands of the Amazon, cultivating medicinal plants and practicing the knowledge and wisdom of our […]

At Chacruna: Where are all the Queer People?

Shelby Hartman Gregory Wells has been out of the closet since he was 16, but the process of coming out, he says, is never really over. Last year, […]