At Chacruna: The First Indigenous Ayahuasca Conference (Yubaka Hayrá) in Acre Demonstrates Political, Cultural and Spiritual Resistance

Daiara Tukano, MA  Yubaka Hayrá, the first indigenous ayahuasca conference, was held December 14 –17, 2017 in Puyanawa Village, in the municipality of Mâncio Lima, in […]

At chacruna: Psychedelic Privilege: Report from the Women and Psychedelics Forum

Ariel Vegosen Two months ago, I was invited to attend a powerful convergence of people gathering to listen to prominent women leaders talk about psychedelics: the […]

The Peyote Files | Chacruna

At Chacruna: Embodied Healing: A Personal Perspective on Resolving Trauma with Psychedelics

Dee Dee Goldpaugh Very few of us are ever lucky enough to be able to look back on our lives and know the moment that everything […]

Nota pública de pesquisadores do campo da ayahuasca

Sob o chamativo título “Ayahuasca põe grávidas em risco”, o jornal O Globo, ao abordar as graves acusações de abuso que pairam sobre alguns gurus espirituais, […]

Problematic claims regarding ayahuasca and pregancy

Estou publicando aqui trechos do artigo de meu colega e amigo Rafael Guimarães dos Santos em contraposição a matéria do Globo de hoje. Dos Santos, Rafael. […]