Ayahuasca, Capitalism and the New Age

Daniela Peluso Entrepreneurism, the processes of initiating and enterprising one’s own business or organization, emerges all around us, and mostly proliferates in potential business settings that […]

Iquitos, Capital of Ayahuasca: The First City in the World with “Herd Immunity”?

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“Psychedelics are Not Cotton Candy and Rainbows” with Sensei Kevon Simpson

Maria Mocerino Sensei Kevon Simpson is a two-spirit Jamaican spiritual healer known for his high-dose work and founding the Entheogen Integration Circle in NYC. Having come from a […]

Of Mediums and Mind-Manifestors: Eileen Garrett and Psychedelic Experience

Patrick Barber Eileen J. Garrett (1893-1970) is reputed to be the greatest psychic and “trance” medium of the twentieth century. Less known is her role as […]

DEA and the Religious Exemption: A Fox Guarding the Henhouse

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The Role of Psychedelics in the Midst of a Pandemic and the Fight for Black Lives

Ariel Vegosen The collective heartbeat feels faster these days as we navigate the anxiety of sheltering-in-place, the fear of a disease that might kill us or […]