At Chacruna: The Use of Psychoactive Plants in the Americas

Bia Labate & Sandra Goulart This book tackles original ethnographies about various types of use of psychoactive plants, including ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, jurema, coca, tobacco, toé, […]

At Chacruna: Beyond Prohibition of Plant Medicines

Charlotte Walsh First, I think it’s important to be clear about what we want to avoid, and why. It’s crucial to remember that what change looks […]

At Chacruna: The 21 Best Scientific Papers About Ayahuasca

We offer here a selection of 21 of the most interesting references in biomedicine, psychology, and health pertaining to ayahuasca. No doubt that we have missed […]

Troubled visions: Ayahuasca and shamanic tourism were already controversial in Brazil, and now face an uncertain future under Bolsonaro

At Chacruna: Is Ayahuasca a “Drug”?

Kenneth Tupper, Ph.D. As ayahuasca drinking emerges as a global phenomenon beyond the Amazon, one of the more curious claims about the brew that one regularly […]

At Chacruna: The Peyote Files

The Peyote Files is a documentary web series following the anthropologist Dr. Bia Labate in the search for the elusive peyote cactus in West Texas. Built around […]