Press Release – Chacruna Institute Celebrates a Groundbreaking New Collection

The Chacruna Institute announces the publication of Women in Psychedelics: Uncovering Invisible Voices [Book in Spanish], an indispensable new collection of short essays by authors from the Chacruna […]

Book Launch: Women & Psychedelics: Uncovering Invisible Voices

This collection of short essays examines the place of women in the history of psychedelics. While some of the subjects are clearly pioneers in their own […]

Tea and Ashes: How Ayahuasca Can Help You Quit Smoking

Dimitri Daldegan-Bueno Before discussing the research itself, it is essential to contextualize the subject. In addition to high blood pressure, smoking is the most significant risk […]

Missing in Action: Where are all the White Allies?

Dana Strauss In the wake of a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and the unjust killing of many Black Americans at the hands of […]

Reflections on Chacruna’s Religion and Psychedelics Forum

Erik Davis I am currently recovering from three very full days of the Chacruna Institute’s Religion and Psychedelics Forum. The event went amazingly well, with a […]

Real Reciprocity: The People Who Brought You Sacred Plant Medicine Need Your Support

Artionka Capiberibe First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Bia Labate for the invitation to participate in the closing of this forum. The event […]