Hate & Social Media in Psychedelic Spaces

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Heroines of Mescaline

Ivo Gurschler In 1905, several women (and one man), detained at a psychiatric institution in Breslau, now Poland, were administered extracts of the Peyote cactus intravenously. At least […]

COVID and the Future of Ayahuasca in Brazil

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Treating the Trauma in our Genes with Dr. Joe Tafur

Maria Mocerino As a family physician, ayahuasquero, and author, Dr. Joe Tafur has been exploring the biology of emotional healing for over a decade. A journey that began […]

A Nurse’s Call for Keeping the Human in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

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‘Sorted’ for Es? Women and Ecstasy in 1990s Britain

Peder Clark, Ph.D Growing up in Britain in the mid ‘90s, the name, and image, of Leah Betts featured prominently in my drugs education. Black billboards across the […]