Facilitating MDMA Therapy as a Treatment for PTSD with Marcela Ot’alora G

Maria Mocerino Marcela Ot’alora G has been facilitating MDMA for over 20 years and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for three years. Originally from Colombia, Marcela was first introduced to MDMA […]

Social Justice Means Decriminalizing All Drugs, Not Just Psychedelics

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Kin Spruijt: A Psychedelic Nurse in a Dutch Psychiatric Clinic

Stephen Snelders Since at least the 1840s psychiatrists have administered psychedelics to treat their patients. From the 1950s onwards this happened with an increasing appreciation of […]

Coronavirus, Ayahuasca, and Indigenous Resilience

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Psychedelics as Political Players and Literary Agents with Nicholas Powers

Maria Mocerino It was the opening line of Nicholas Powers’ talk at the Horizons Conference in 2019. The novelist, journalist, and poet had a soft spot for theatrics. […]

Niños Santos, Psilocybin Mushrooms and the Psychedelic Renaissance

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