At Chacruna: It’s Time to Enthusiastically Celebrate Denver’s Historic Victory to Decriminalize Psilocybin Mushrooms

Bia Labate, Ph.D, Sean McAllister, Esq and Sidarta Ribeiro Ph.D. In an opinion piece to the New York Times commenting on Denver’s recent historic vote to decriminalize psilocybin, […]

Bioneers Conference Panel on Psychedelics

The enormous growth of interest in and research on psychedelic substances’ potential for psychological healing and consciousness expansion is exciting, but there are shadow sides of […]

At Chacruna: Changing the Psychedelic Political Narrative at the Local Level: Denver 2019

Noah Potter, J.D On election day, May 7, the voters in Denver, Colorado, will see on their ballots a proposal to decriminalize the personal possession, use, […]

At Chacruna: Ayahuasca and the Twelve Steps: An Anonymous Friendship

Todd Youngs Heroin needle marks on my neck, benzodiazepines with alcohol in the mornings, and frequent crack-cocaine binges; that was my life for well over 20 […]

Ayahuasca Community Guide for the Awareness of Sexual Abuse

Emily Sinclair, Ph.D. (C) and Beatriz Labate, Ph.D. Many individuals participate in ayahuasca ceremonies for healing purposes, sometimes specifically to heal trauma caused by sexual abuse. […]

Our Vulnerabilities to Unethical Sexual Behavior

Kylea Taylor, MS, MFT I first wrote The Ethics of Caring (1995, 2017) while working as a senior trainer for the Grof Transpersonal Training and simultaneously taking […]