Jane Osmond: The Wonder of Weyburn

Erika Dyck These are some of the ways that Fee (Euphemia) and Julian Osmond described their mother, Jane, wife of Humphry Osmond. Jane was a nurse […]

Capitalism Goes Rogue with Patent Claims on Psychedelics

Marcelo Leite After President Richard Nixon declared the War on Drugs in 1971, clinical research on psychedelics remained stifled for three decades, amounting to a sure […]

Betty Eisner: Heroine with a Hitch?

Tal Davidson Timothy Leary, Ram Dass. These two were as formative for me as they were for the worlds they were a part of; and yet, […]

Why Oneness is Not Incompatible with Identity Politics

Katherine A. Costello and Marca Cassity The last few years have seen a growing attention to how the psychedelic renaissance can better address the needs of […]

Decolonizing Psychedelics and Embodied Social Change with Camille Barton

Sean Lawlor When attempting to write about Camille Barton, it might be easier to begin by listing what they don’t do, as opposed to what they do. Camille’s involvement […]

Mulheres e Ciência Psicodélica

Flávia Zacouteguy Boos, MS. As relações que as mulheres estabeleceram com os psicodélicos ao longo da história é extremamente diversa, como seria de se esperar. Tais […]