At Chacruna: Building a Psychedelic Community During the War on Drugs

Jessica Nielson, Ph.D. I moved to Minneapolis from San Francisco in October of 2017 to plant a psychedelic seed in the middle of our country. I […]

At Chacruna: Confronting Sexual Misconduct in the Psychedelic Community: An Interview with Daniel Pinchbeck

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At Chacruna: The Five Phases of Psychedelic Initiation

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Don’t Have a Bad Trip with the Police: Know your Rights with Police and Psychedelics

Sean McAllister, Esq You likely know a lot about psychedelics. You know that in most cases, these substances are illegal under U.S. law. But do you […]

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Chacruna’s Sex, Power & Psychedelics series explores pervasive cultural dynamics related to sex and power as they manifest in psychedelic research, science and communities. This series […]

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Shelby Hartman As a kid growing up in suburban New Jersey, Steve Silberman was just beginning to get into counterculture when he stumbled upon an interview […]