New Plant Medicine Healing Alliance Launches: Aims to Decriminalize Plant and Fungi Medicines for Group Healing

Nathan Howard The Alliance, which is working in partnership with leaders from the medical community, veterans and indigenous stakeholders among others, has a dual mission of […]

The Overlap Between Kink/BDSM and Psychedelics

Denise Renye Some sexual experiences can offer a space for people to step into a vast and deep world of discovery, transformation, and revelation, much akin […]

Toad Conservation

Anya Ermakova, Ph.D Incilius (formerly known as Bufo) alvarius, or Sonoran Desert toad, is native to the Southwest of the USA and northwest of Mexico, inhabiting, as its name hints, […]

Psychedelic Saskatchewan: Kay Parley

Geneviève Paiement This is the simple, heartfelt dedication that greets readers of Kay Parley’s remarkable 2016 memoir Inside the Mental: Silence, Stigma, Psychiatry, and LSD. The dedication reflects […]

On Decolonizing and Psychedelics

Roger K. Green The politics of recognition in the United States remains part of a colonizing apparatus designed for the erasure Indigenous Peoples.  Advocating for the […]

Tracing the History of Marijuana in Mexico with Nidia Olvera Hernández

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