was born in Cuiabá (Mato Grosso) in 1967 and moved, at the age of five, to Rio Branco, Acre state, where he currently lives. In 1991 he graduated from the history program at the Federal University of Acre (UFAC). He subsequently majored in dramatic arts at the Paraná College of the Arts (1993). In 1997 he earned a master’s degree in social anthropology at UNICAMP. He is currently a professor at UNINORTE in Rio Branco. He also works as an anthropologist for the Acre State Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMA). He is the author of Navegando Sobre as Ondas do Daime: história, cosmologia e ritual da Barquinha (1999: Editora da Unicamp) and co-editor, with Beatriz Caiuby Labate, of O Uso Ritual da Ayahuasca (2002: Mercado de Letras). He is an associate researcher at the NEIP – Núcleo de Estudos Interdisciplinares sobre Psicoativos (Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Studies).