Debate – Harm Reduction:  impasses and perspectives

The objective of this debate is to discuss the theme of “harm reduction” from the points of view of diverse fields of knowlege, reflecting on recent public polemics regarding the subject (siezure of flyers at a gay pride parade, suspension of funds to Fapesp for an Ecstacy harm reduction project, among others).  The debate is free and open to the public.  The table will be composed by:

Mauricio Fiore – anthropologist (Doctoral Candidate in Social Sciences at Unicamp/CEBRAP/NEIP) – “Some Reflections on Harm Reduction”

Stella Almeida – Psychologist (Doctor of Experimental Psychology/USP and Post-Doctorate in Experimental Psychology/USP/NEIP) – “Controversies over the Baladaboa Ecstacy harm reduction project”

Marcelo Niel – Psychiatrist (Master of Science/Unifesp and Assistance and Prevention Coordinator for Proad/Unifesp) – “Harm Reduction in the Clinic”

Mediator: Bia Labate (Unicamp/Neip)