Summary: The First Brazilian Shamanism Meeting has the intention to make a contribution to the revitalization of shamanic practices. At the same time, it aims to reflect about the recent growing interest our society has in shamanism. Because we are responsible for those who seek for balance through shamanic practices, we would like to promote union and consciousness among shamanism leaders and practioners, and also reflect about possible forms of self-regulamentation of the field. Respecting the diversity of the different spiritual lines and traditions, we hope to learn with each other and contribute to the development of our common horizons.

Specific objectives:

* To found the Brazilian Association of Shamanic Practices;
* To promote the revitalization of shamanic practices and activities;
* To promote the contact and union of shamans;
* To evaluate and make a reflection on the contemporary growing interest in shamanism in Brazil and its consequences;
* To propose an Ethics Code to the practice of shamanism;
* To create the “Day of Universal Shamanism”;
* To celebrate the Fall equinox 2005 and the Astrological New Year.

Activities: Rites, ceremonies, debates, special conferences, workshops, round tables, expositions, videos, painting and photographs exhibits.

Date: March 13th to 20th 2005

Place: Pax – São Paulo (SP) – Brazil

Organization: Léo Artése and Lua Cheia Association (Santo Daime Church – São Paulo)

Consultant: Bia Labate

Participants: Shamanism practioners, shamans, holistic therapists, health professionals, students, teachers, researchers of shamanism, religion, rituals, sacred plants, lay people interested in spirituality and akin subjects.