We, representatives of the Indigenous Peoples of the Juruá, Envira and Tarauacá—Ashaninka, Huni Kuin, Madija, Kuntanawa, Nawa, Noke Koi, Nukini, Puyanawa, Shanenawa, Yawanawá and Shawãdawa—assembled at the 2nd  Indigenous Ayahuasca Conference, held August 10–14, 2018 in the Puyanawa Indigenous Land in the municipality of Mâncio Lima on the Brazil-Peru border, under the coordination of the Organization of the Juruá River Indigenous Peoples Organization (OPIRJ), the Tarauacá Indigenous Peoples Organization (OPITAR), the Rio Envira Indigenous Peoples Organization (OPIRE), and the Rio Jordão Kaxinawá Rubber Tappers Association (ASKARJ), with the participation of the other organizations present, after intense discussion, hereby decide that… continue reading.

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