Francoise Bourzat, MA

When I first sat down with my teacher Julieta in Huautla de Jiménez in Mexico, after having explored entheogens for some time in various sets and settings before, I knew right away that I was in the presence of a skillful master, worthy of listening to; one who retained in her soul and voice the roots of an ancient wisdom and tradition. So, I did listen. I heard songs, prayers, and connection with the divine, and witnessed extractions and healing techniques, and, most of all, I experienced silence as a place of connecting with deep layers of my soul. For 20 years, I have stayed present to what was offered to me, to what I was able to receive, and also to what I was given permission to share. Throughout the ages, tribes in many parts of the worlds have used mind-expanding plants and fungi for their healing, enhancing community harmony and attuning with Earth’s seasons. These entheogens, which have been considered as medicines in indigenous traditions, are still an immensely potent resource for our planet and our humane existence, which is in dire need of help, both socially and ecologically… continue reading.

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