As ayahuasca becomes increasingly popular across the world and is incorporated as a sacrament or medicine within diverse communities and settings—from indigenous communities to churches to ceremonial and therapeutic circles—we see conversations emerging regarding difficult subjects, such as the commodification, cultural appropriation, and sustainability of ayahuasca and ayahuasca-related plants and the traditions and practices surrounding their use. At the heart of many discussions about the globalization of ayahuasca is the commodification of ayahuasca and the ethical dilemmas it presents. This discussion becomes even more timely with the international expansion of ayahuasca and the increase of practitioners motivated by financial gain. While there are many well intentioned people working within the context of the globalization of ayahuasca, we are all faced with the challenge of ensuring that our practices are ethical, mutually beneficial, and sustainable for the local and international communities that we serve and in which we participate. So, how can we do better, living, working, and participating in this globalized community?.. continue reading.

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