Jordana Grader and Dana Kittrelle

Pema Sheth is a shamanic practitioner who offers healing circles in Oakland to heal ailments such as PTSD, addiction, and depression. For 20 years, she has used indigenous methods, counseling, and herbal remedies to help her clients and community, including offering healing circles for veterans, people of color, and victims of sexual assault. One of Pema’s clients is a veteran who served in Afghanistan. When he met Pema, he had not cried in 15 years and struggled to keep a job. After just a couple weeks working with Pema, his PTSD symptoms dramatically decreased and he was able to feel his body again, restore meaningful friendships, and start school again for a new career path. Pema’s work has saved lives, restored family relationships, and been a cornerstone for her community for decades. However after the impacts of COVID-19, Pema shares… continue reading.

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