Decriminalize Nature Oakland

Background: This table has been created by Decriminalize Nature (DN) in response to a blog post by David Bronner titled “Why We Support the 2020 Ballot Measure That Would Legalize and Regulate Psilocybin Therapy in Oregon on his Dr. Bronner’s All-One! Blog. DN is concerned that a growing number of individuals do not understand the nexus between selective and specialized legalization and the potential for an increase in criminalization. When only certain groups or practices are authorized to utilize certain naturally occurring plants and fungi, it increases the probability of criminalization and/or reduction of access to the general population by creating pressures toward restricting personal access and agency. While we believe everyone’s intentions are good, we also believe any act of legalization or decriminalization must incorporate, or lead with, full decriminalization of all entheogenic plants and fungi on the Federal Schedule 1 list. Our intention is to prevent the harms of prohibition, decrease arrests, and ensure access is not reduced for anyone… continue reading.

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