This collection of short essays examines the place of women in the history of psychedelics. While some of the subjects are clearly pioneers in their own right, the authors in this collection go beyond merely adding women to the past to explore some of the significant ways that women have contributed to psychedelic knowledge. Blending historical and anthropological approaches and a series of interviews, this collection taps into women’s networks around the world and throughout the 20th century to reveal some of the sophisticated and creative ways that women have influenced our understanding of psychedelics, and how they continue to protect these stories as we face a psychedelic future. Our collection intentionally moves beyond an American set of stories, teasing out networks in Latin America. This collection brings together authors from the Chacruna Institute and Chacruna Latinamérica to engage readers in conversations that move across time and place throughout the Americas. Our collection is the first of its kind in balancing non-English contributions exploring contexts outside the United States. Translated texts reveal different cultural contexts in which women have contributed to this enduring history… continue reading.

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