“Psychedelic Horizons”

“Can we go beyond discovering, describing, and domesticating mindbody states as they now exist to designing new ones? … This is a new kind of scientific endeavor” (Psychedelic Horizons, pages 184-185).

Psychedelic Horizons: Snow White, Immune System, Multistate Mind, Enlarging Education. (2006). Exter, Imprint Academic, 2006, 255 + xvi pages.

Alguns temas tratados no livro: Center for Multistate Studies, Community Psychedelic Centers, Psychology, Science, and Survival.

Biografia do autor:

Since receiving his AB from Hamilton College, MA from the University of Connecticut, and Ph.D. from Stanford (1970), Tom Roberts has served as an educational psychologist at Northern Illinois University. He established the first catalog-listed course on psychedelics at a university; originated Bicycle Day to celebrate Albert Hofmann’s first intentional LSD experience, observed on April 19th; was a founding member of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, the International Transpersonal Association, and the Council on Spiritual Practices; edited Psychoactive Sacramentals: Essays on Entheogens and Religion, (2001); has written 100+ professional publications; compiled the largest online archive on the entheogenic uses of psychoactive plants and chemicals: Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments , www.csp.org/chrestomathy; is co-editing a 2-vol. anthology Hallucinogens and Healing (due 2007); is writing Increasing Spiritual Intelligence — Chemical Input, Religious Output.

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