Fiedler, Lisa. Struktur und Geschichte von Ayahuasca – and Santo Daime – Ritualen unter Berücksichtigung medizinischer Aspekte [Estrutura e História dos Rituais da Ayahuasca e do Santo Daime sob a perspectiva dos aspectos médicos]. Medical Doctor project at Medizinische. Fakultät der Universität Heidelberg. 2007. (work in progress/ pesquisa em andamento)

In this study the history and origins of Ayahuasca/Daime rituals performed in European contexts are described. In-depth interviews with participants give a thick description of their views about drugs, ritual and their spiritual projects. The question of a possible sect-like organization of the Santo Daime church which is continuously debated in press is discussed throughly with regard to German and European guidelines and laws.

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