Kufikiri Imara

In all of humanity’s history, great moments of change are a constant. The variable is humanity itself, and by which means we usher in change; be it through thoughtful action or enraged violence, rebellion or revolution. The variable of humanity in a moment of change is defined by who’s making the decisions. Not long ago, there was a prevailing concept of “the man” as a shadowy figure off somewhere, removed from everyday society, with his hands on the levers of power. That concept is outdated in today’s world, where “the man” can be a woman, and not necessarily be the white image we see perpetuated in society. That shift in the social dynamic allows for false optics, when those in power can merely present an image of change without producing actual change. It’s the paper bag test in reverse. Image can only outperform action for so long. When diversity becomes about looking the part, rather than embodying the part, the conflict between the “haves” and the “have nots” will continue, and the roles chosen, rebel or revolutionary, will depend on which side of that conflict you’re on. It’s not just about where the psychedelic renaissance is heading, it’s also about how we get there, collectively… continue reading.

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