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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

How does the Universe work – and how is It worked? How does our consciousness fit with, work with, the context of the Universe? If we truly know the logos, today’s rite sounds, how do we tap the Universe? For NEXT Thursday, January 10th, Poetry Science Talks is pleased to feature magus, scholar, author, and dear soul, Jason Louv on the workings of consciousness and the Universe.

PRESENTATION: “Ultraculture: Magick, Tantra and the Deconditioning of Consciousness in a Modern Context”

“Beginning with a survey of what has gone before in the fields of magick and Tantra, I will spring into a wholly untraditional chaotic foam of sorceric persona overload and an exploration of what lies on the horizon for these ancient technologies, and where they are steering Western culture in general.

PRODUCER: Jason Louv

“Jason Louv authored and edited the anthologies ‘Generation Hex’ (Disinformation, 2005. and ‘Ultraculture’ (Ultraculture Press, 2007, ; He is currently finishing the new edition of ‘Thee Psychick Bible’ with counterculture legend Genesis P-Orridge. By day he writes ecological advertising copy for Green Team, the world’s first green ad firm (; by night he practices his depraved left-handed Tantric rites with lucky participants from his live studio audience.”


We hope you will join us NEXT Thursday, January 10th, for the next in our continuing series of out-of-box discussions and good fellowship.

– We will meet at a beautiful Cooper Square loft for light dinner between 7:00PM and 8:00, followed by the presentation and discussion to 10:00. After the formal close of the evening, we shift to “schmooze” mode until 11 or so.
– We collect $20 from all to help defray expenses.
– At the end of the evening (if we haven’t earlier), we will solicit a “producer” for our next meeting.



Our passion is for transformative ideas – and implications for action – that arise out of these topics, with their themes of technology, consciousness, business, media and communication, social organization and governance, mythology, ecology, ontology, healing… themes of a “poetry science.”

Our original “mission statement” for Poetry Science Talks had the following points:

– Ideas, analyses and solutions regarding the…
– Development, implementation, diffusion, use and positive and negative impacts of…
– New ideas, new technologies and new ways of interacting as a culture.

While we have evolved significantly since we crafted that statement five years ago, our general intent remains the same: We are working to forge a broader, more parsimonious and inclusive view of reality, one that is discriminating among concepts, flexible to change, reasoned in assessment and systematic in perspective. Our ultimate goal is a more curious, open, accepting intentionality toward the future – and present moment of humanity’s development.


Philosophy of Mind
– The Implications of Synchronicity: Just What Kind of Reality is This? [Earl Davis, 6/5/08]
– Near-Death Experience and the Continuity of Consciousness [Pim van Lommel, M.D., 4/3/08]
– Autopoiesis [Scott Von, Ph.D., 2/07/08]
– Ultraculture: Magick, Tantra and the Deconditioning of Consciousness in a Modern Context [Jason Louv, 1/10/08]
– Love Stories (Karen Wanda “Wandsqueen” Gilbert, 11/1/07)
– The Story and the Stone: Magic in Practice, or “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” (Alex Gordon-Brander, 4/5/07)
– Magick in Theory and Practice (Scott Von, Ph.D., 1/11/07)
– Consciousness and the Quantum Vacuum (Ralph Abraham, Ph.D., 12/7/06)
– The Strength of The Weak (Karen Wandsqueen Gilbert, 3/2/06)
– Sufi Science (Alex Gordon-Brander, 2/9/06)
– Spinoza in Cyberspace: Affect as a Mode of Cyborg Communication (Karen Wendy Wandsqueen Gilbert, 6/2/05)
– The Next Stage in the Evolution of Consciousness (Swami Allan Ajaya, Ph.D., 2/10/05)
– Dualism, Psychosynthesis and Yoga Psychotherapy (Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D., 7/1/04)
– The Distributed Mind (Karen Wandsqueen Gilbert, 4/1/04)
– Slowness: An Economy of Diff ncial Rates of Being (Karen Wandsqueen Gilbert, 11/5/02)
– Who Is I?: Toward a New Mythology (Carleton Schade, 10/10/02)

– Meditation 101: Seminar and Practicum [Gordon Scarett, 7/10/08]
– Maturity: In Theory and in Practice [Neal Goldsmith, 5/7/08]
– Psychosynthesis, Applied (Scott Thompson, Ph.D., 12/6/07)
– Birth Order and Liberation in Marital Relationships (Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D., 2/8/07)
– The Future of Psychedelic Policy (Thomas Roberts, Ph.D., 10/12/06)
– Psychedelia (Scott Von, Ph.D., 5/11/06)
– Sexual Pleasure (Betty Dodson and Sylvia Rosenfeld, 12/1/05)
– NO-THING: The Desire Path to Enlightenment (Scott Von, Ph.D., 10/13/05)
– Psychedelic Experience and Poetic Experiment (Chris Gremmels, 4/1/05)
– Psycho-analysis and Psycho-catalysis: Substance, Set, and Setting in Clinical and Cultural Practice (Scott Von, Ph.D., 5/13/04)
– Peyote Research and a New World View (John Halpern, M.D., 2/5/04)
– Rage (Michael Eigen, M.D., 10/2/03)
– A Shaman, a Peruvian and a Bunch of New Yorkers: Adventures of an Urban Warrior in the Amazon (Jackie Bobrowsky, 9/11/03)
– Integral Medicine (Scott Gremmel, Ph.D., 3/13/03)
– Healing (Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D., 2/6/03)
– Fugue States (Lizbeth Rymland, 1/9/03)

Creative Media
– Thinking Cooking, Spoken Food (Ame Gilbert, 9/13/07)
– Intentionality Into Action: Documentary Photography in the Post-Katrina Gulf (Denise O. Mangen, 7/12/07)
– The Summer of Love Exhibit (Gerd Stern and Isaac Abrams, 5/3/07)
– Thing Into Being (David Lincoln, 11/2/06)
– 6th Season Opener: Grace Wapner, Sculptor (Grace Wapner and Gerd Stern, 9/14/06)
– Heartbeat a Compass (Anice Jeffries, 1/12/06)
– 5th Season Opener: Conversations on Conversations (Ed Rosenfeld and Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D., 9/8/05)
– American Scream: The Genesis, Evolution and Birthing of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl (Jonah Raskin, Ph.D., 7/7/05)
– Analog Waves Along the Digital Divide – A State of the Artifice Address and Poemthink (Gerd Stern, 5/5/05)
– Exploring the Global Self, Or How to Move Through Walls (David Lincoln, 12/9/04)
– Liminal Parks (Liz Rymland, 10/14/04)
– Finnegans Wake: A Turn of the Collideorscape (Chip Benjamin, Ph.D., 1/8/04)
– Lost Cabaret OR Katandogastrophic (Gerd Stern, 7/10/03)
– Stories: Being, Knowing, Doing (Liz Rymland, 5/1/03)
– Blogs, Personal Journalism and the Free Internet (Dan Sieradski, 7/11/02)
– Collage: Digital/Analog (Gerd Stern, 4/11/02)
– The Omnicompetent Communicator (Thatcher Drew, Ph.D., 9/6/01)

Ecology and Governance
– 9/11 and the Psychology of Non-Perception (Robert Forte, 10/4/07)
– A Conversation on Resources, Survival and the Future (Carleton Schade, Seamus Moran, Ed Rosenfeld, 6/14/07)
– Wealth, Class & Risk: Correlations… and Inverse Correlation (Alex Roy, 3/8/07)
– Civilization and Its Suffering (Carleton Schade, 7/13/06)
– Media Ecology and Photography as Advocacy: A Practice-Led Ethnography (Denise Mangen, 6/1/06)
– Die-Back and Culture: Toward a New Mythology (Carleton Schade, 3/10/05)
– Political Ecology (J.P. Harpignies, 1/13/05)
– Do It With Deliciousness: Science, Art, Pop Culture, and Omnisensual Media (Howard Bloom, 11/4/04)
– Earthscore: The Poetic Science of Charles Peirce (Paul Ryan, Ph.D., 3/4/04)
– Democracy, Liberty, Freedom (Ed Rosenfeld, 6/5/03)
– Tomorrow: Sustainable Technology for Spaceship Earth (Carleton Schade, 3/7/02)
– The Core Group (Art Kleiner, 2/7/02)
– bin Laden, Kaczynski and the Borgification of Humanity (Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D., 12/6/01)
– MK-ULTRA (Ed Rosenfeld, 11/6/01)
– Acceleration in Novelty (Ed Rosenfeld, Scott Campbell, (6/7/01)

Post-Modern Science and Technology
– The Electric Sheep and their Dreams in High Fidelity [Spot Draves, 3/6/08]
– 8th Season Opener: What Do You Do?: Questions about Existence and the Future [Ed Rosenfeld, 9/11/08]
– Current Ideas (David Peat, Ph.D., 11/10/05)
– The Most Important Problem in the World (Ed Rosenfeld, 6/3/04)
– Post-Modern Physics 101 (Richard Alan Miller, 12/11/03)
– Why Do Living Things Get Old and Die? (Josh Mitteldorf, Ph.D., 11/6/03)
– The Stupid Network (David Isenberg, Ph.D., 6/6/02)
– Innovation in an Online Corporation (IBMs WorldJam) (Mike Wing, 5/2/02)
– Technology Futures (Dave Sarlin, 10/11/01)
– Democracy and Technology (Bernd Hendricks, 7/5/01)

Season Openers
– 8th Season Opener: What Do You Do?: Questions about Existence and the Future [Ed Rosenfeld, 9/11/08]
– 7th Season Opener: Thinking Cooking, Spoken Food (Ame Gilbert, 9/13/07)
– 6th Season Opener: Grace Wapner, Sculptor (Grace Wapner and Gerd Stern, 9/14/06)
– 5th Season Opener: Conversations on Conversations (Ed Rosenfeld and Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D., 9/8/05)
– 4th Season Opener: Why I Love Poetry Science (Regulars, 9/9/04)
– 3rd Season Opener: ReView (Ed Rosenfeld, 4/3/03)
– 2nd Season Opener, 2002-03: What We Are About (Regulars, 9/12/02)
– The Carriage House Talks – First Meeting (4/5/01)

We look forward to seeing you at the Poetry Science Talks, the (USUALLY) first Thursday of every month!

Best regards,

— Neal and Ed

Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D.
[email protected]

Ed Rosenfeld
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