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1. A Short Review

2. Resolution for a Reasonable and Timely Drug Policy

3. Photos, Videos and Reports

4. Feedback Speakers and Visitors – A Selection


Yours Gaia Media Foundation

1. A Short Review

Three weeks ago the World Psychedelic Forum has taken place in Basel. From our point of view the conference was very successful. This evaluation is backed by almost solely positive feedback from the side of our speakers and our visitors. We would like to take the opportunity to say thank you very much one more time to all speakers, helpers, and visitors.

2. Resolution for a Reasonable and Timely Drug Policy

Shortly after the conference we have visited Albert Hofmann. He was in excellent spirits, and was very happy to hear from us about the success of the event. He then also signed the Resolution for a Reasonable and Timely Drug Policy, which we prepared for the World Psychedelic Forum to be signed by the speakers and the visitors. We will send the Resolution within the next few days to the UN and to respective international authorities, along with a press release to selected media and media agencies. The text of the Resolution can be found here.

3. Photos, Videos and Reports

Should you have taken any photos during the World Psychedelic Forum, we would be delighted to receive copies for the archives of the Gaia Media Foundation, either by email to info© or on CD/DVD to Gaia Media Foundation, Neuweilerstrasse 15, CH 4054 Basel, Switzerland. Should your photos, videos or special reports about the conference be online, we kindly ask you to let us know the respective link/s for our collection of links on Thank you.

4. Feedback Speakers and Visitors–A Selection


Just arrived back home, and I’m still saturated from your wonderful conference. So much has connected there. The move-in of the heart and the rituals has shown how rich the thought has branched out. (…) With your Forum you’re bringing together so many highly different people, truly integral. Respect! A strong NamShub, and a magic attractor within the mental movement. Thank you very much!

Martin Schoene, Braunschweig

It is my wish to thank you and your team from the heart, that I could be part of thia wonderful and very important event. (…) It was a great gift to experience, that so many human beings in their own and consistent way are actively researching and experiencing und thus share a vital contribution for the evolution of humanity. Not last I feel this to be a substantial contribution to a more peaceful world. The music of the Shakuhachi sounded for mindful and focused people in a room of silence. My perception was very coherent. The organization was impeccable, what allowed a lot of freedom and creativity, encounters and exchange. Such conferences are a hope for the future and therefore irreplaceable.

Juerg Zurmuehle, Basel

A great thank you to the courageous and unfailing organizers, it was again exquisite. My only comment is, that we might come together again in one or two years,

Vanja Palmers, Lucerne

Thank you very much for your spectacular conference, and for the truly elaborate and multi-faceted program! We have extremely enjoyed the turbulent days in Basel and the encounters with many friends from all over the world.

Claudia Mueller-Ebeling, Christian Raetsch, Hamburg

A great, sparkling thanks for your excellent, loving and brilliant work!

Nana Nauwald, Bruno Martin, Deutschland

It was an unmitigated pleasure! The forum was fantastic. I really enjoyed it, and hope you will invite me back for the next one. I really have no suggestions; I thought the venue was perfect, and the hotel was great. Somehow you managed to take a forum of 1900 people and yet make it feel small and friendly; I really liked that. And I think it’s a testimony to the organizers for making that happen; such things do not happen by accident!

Dennis McKenna, Vancouver

Thank you, great job.

Michael Winkelman, Arizona

Well, it was great. I think this was an important event–very important–in the history of the psychedelic movement. Let’s hope that future conferences model themselves on what you are establishing–a wonderful mixture of history and science; art and technology; the elders and leading lights of the communities and the new faces of researchers from around the world.

Diane Slattery, Los Angeles

I just wanted to let you know that from my perspective, the conference was a tremendous success. The various research teams were inspired to see the larger picture we’re all working on together and we made excellent connections across organizational lines. You both did a great job to create such a supportive context.

Rick Doblin, MAPS


It was a wonderful and inspiring time, this unique Easter weekend! We thank you from the heart for your fantastic and unbelievable competent work. And now that it’s over all of it still vibrates, and we realize: it’s a matter of the heart, this great gathering of so many interesting and open minded people.

G. and A. H., Basel

Many thanks for the great Forum. I liked it very much, and the organization was perfect, and it showed one more time, that top-class and competent people have been at work. The whole team and all helpers were always friendly and cooperative, and one felt that the WPF was staged with love.

W. E., Zurich

I would like to express from the heart and explicitly my thanks for the really successful Forum! It was unique by means of inspiration and encounters! Thanks so much for all the arduousness, the effort and the commitment!

A. G., Germany

Within me there’s a deep feeling of gratitude, an indescribable bliss captures me still now, when I think back to the event: so much exchange, mutual respect, information, platforms, and after all a peaceful gathering! Arriving back home i felt the connectedness with the great amount of interested people (psychonauts). (…) Within the psychedelically mainly inactive society i often feel exposed to power games and intrigues. I’m convinced that probably all participants of the WPF have been present with an open heart and open mind. This candidness touches the soul deeply; it gives hope, courage and power to move on. In this spirit a grounding thank you to the organizers of the WPF.

N. S., Lucerne

I’m extremely grateful to the whole organizational team of the World Psychedelic Forum for the unforgettable 4 day and nights I spent in Basel.

B.W., Geneva

I don’t want to fail to thank you for this totally successful Forum. It has inspired and encouraged me very much.

R. B., Basel

I felt extremely euphoric, after I learned so much at your Forum. Besides the seminars I had the opportunity for short conversations with Allyson Grey, John Lash, Dennis McKenna, Carolyn Garcia, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, Kathleen Harrison, Baba Rampuri a.m.o. That all the many important information will now go around the world makes me very happy

C. M., Germany

Thanks again for your exciting conference! I think it was a very important platform and an inspiring meeting point.

R. G., Berlin

Thanks a lot! It has been an extraordinary and rich experience to be in Basel for the Forum. Being there, feel and hear about “all this” … I was aware-exploring-curious during the 70’s … have been important, essential for me and for my researches. My Master writings for the university will be more interesting and complete, and … updated! Being there with the community that I felt during the last plenary session has been a real experience of “modified/altered/opened/renewed” state of (hyper)consciousness in itself (…) I didn’t expected such a big “opening” of my eyes and inner world and intimate space, in just attending meetings, persons, conferences and discussions ..

G. D. M., Milan

(…) The conference, organizationally, was Swiss and “gruendlich”, a bit stiff and efficient, clear, but I admit I kept my badgeholder, it’s probably very ecological and penny-wise to ask those back, but what about a little memento? Dieter looked tired, Lucius a bit stressed, but they did a good job. May they take what follows as positive feedback. I like the setup with panorama sessions, this allows an overview of what the various speakers are going to present, it’s an efficient way to help attendees to pick and choose from among the parallel sessions.(…)

Which brings me to what I think the real purpose of the WPF is and that is to elevate psychedelics beyond the cult level, make it respectable. Now they tried, but at the same time accommodating the scientists (who do need a respectable platform, I agree), the alternative (freak/cult/culture/tribe) and all those who have a vested (often financial) interest in the whole circus is not an easy thing. Maybe the span of the WPF is a bit too wide, maybe more focus and a smaller scale would work better. But I can also understand the reply: what about the money, the media attention, the scale? (…)

One last remark, I was glad that the people in prison because of the war on drugs were mentioned in connection with John Beresford, their champion, and that this issue of illegality therefore was part of this event.

Luc Sala, Amsterdam

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