Mrs. So-and-So, Women’s Participation in Psychedelic Trials

Erika Dyck Clinical trials today recognize the need to include sex variables in research, and the gendered differences in medical research continue to influence how scientific […]

DEA Denies Soul Quest’s Religious Exemption: Impacts on the Ayahuasca Community

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How Ayahuasca Can Help Gay Men Create Better Dance Parties

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Hippie Girls in Yorkville: Canada’s Haight-Ashbury

Erika Dyck I had the pleasure of sitting with author and film-maker Stuart Henderson recently, to ask him about his work on the history of the […]

CIA-Funded Research Exploited Black Americans in Search of “Mind-Control” Drug

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Susi’s Tram Ride: Recognizing the First Woman to Take LSD

Mariavittoria Mangini and Erika Dyck Susi Ramstein was the first woman to take LSD. She was also the first psychedelic guide. Despite these amazing firsts, very […]

Terminally Ill Patients Sue DEA for Psilocybin Treatment Under Right to Try Act

Elyse Bais Erinn Baldeschwiler, a 49-year-old mother of two teenagers, was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer and given two years to live. With tears streaming […]

Iboga Conservation

Anya Ermakova Tabernanthe iboga, or bois sacré as it is known in French, is a perennial shrub found in the undergrowth of the tropical forests of the Congo Basin. […]

Peer support line helped 16 “bad trippers” avoid the emergency room

Reilly Capps Writer Aldous Huxley called psychedelics “heaven and hell” drugs. Without a guide, therapist, or friend, the “hell” part can get pretty hellish. Today, help is […]

Spotlight on Betsy Gordon and the Psychoactive Substances Research Collection

Stephanie Schmitz The name Betsy Gordon may be familiar, but many people may not be aware of the major impact this remarkable woman has made on […]

The Challenges of Kambô Conservation

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María Sabina, Mushrooms, and Colonial Extractivism

Osiris Sinuhé González Romero No doubt these are questions that many people have asked themselves. To satisfy that curiosity, I share with you the ideas and […]

The Decriminalization of Marijuana in Brazil Beyond the Medicinal Use: Cannabis Associations and Human Rights

Francisco Savoi de Araujo and Mauro Machado Chaiben The year 2021 began with heavy regret in the marijuana scene in Brazil, with the news of the […]

When Ayahuasca Microdosing Might Cause Serotonin Toxicity

Kelan Thomas, PharmD, MS, BCPS, BCPP I have recently noticed several websites advertising and selling commercial products for “ayahuasca microdosing,” but unlike microdosing with the classic […]