Creating Communities of Healing with Fireside Project Co-Founder Hanifa Nayo Washington

Sean Lawlor Hanifa Nayo Washington’s warm personality, strong vision, and authentic embodiment of her identity quickly become apparent upon meeting her. Even without meeting her, one need […]

Chelsea Osmond: Linking the Past and Future of the Psychedelic Renaissance

Erika Dyck I had the pleasure of meeting Chelsea Osmond in December 2018 in New York when we launched Psychedelic Prophets, the book of letters between Humphry Osmond […]

Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance | Forum

Can Coca Leaf Avoid the Wrongs of The Psychedelic Revolution?

David Restrepo and Juliana Zárate Can Colombia’s legislative proposal to legalize coca protect its living Indigenous legacy while helping to build a society inspired by coca […]

Psychedelics and Death: Transitioning from this World with Consciousness

Jasmine Virdi  Within the psychedelic research community, there is a growing body of research showing how psychedelics can ease the process of coming to grips with death. However, […]

Psilocybin Mushrooms in Mexico in Danger of Extinction

Marcos García de Teresa I have done field work in the Mazatec region since 2009, and in all these years, I have only seen two types […]

Two Projects Seek to Change the Legal Status of Peyote and Mushrooms in Mexico

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Psychedelic Motherhood: The Altered States of Birth

Lana Cook Psychedelics and childbirth. Not two words we often put together. In the stories of Amber and others like her in the classic 1975 childbirth […]

The Izumis & Osmonds: Friendship & Resilience in the Canadian Psychedelic Community

Erika Dyck and Letitia Johnson Kiyoshi Izumi was born in 1921 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a vital figure in the history of psychedelics as […]

Can Psychedelics Open Us to Pleasure?

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Ayahuasca FOIA Requests Reveal a Lack of Due Process, Increased Ayahuasca Seizures, and Government Secrecy

Sean McAllister In February 2021, the Church of the Eagle and Condor (“CEC”) and the Chacruna Institute joined forces to initiate the Ayahuasca Religious Freedom Initiative […]

Mrs. So-and-So, Women’s Participation in Psychedelic Trials

Erika Dyck Clinical trials today recognize the need to include sex variables in research, and the gendered differences in medical research continue to influence how scientific […]

DEA Denies Soul Quest’s Religious Exemption: Impacts on the Ayahuasca Community

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How Ayahuasca Can Help Gay Men Create Better Dance Parties

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