At Chacruna: Declaration from the Spiritual Authorities, Representatives and Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Region

UMIYAC We are the original people that have inhabited these ancient lands of the Amazon, cultivating medicinal plants and practicing the knowledge and wisdom of our […]

At Chacruna: Where are all the Queer People?

Shelby Hartman Gregory Wells has been out of the closet since he was 16, but the process of coming out, he says, is never really over. Last year, […]

At Chacruna: Ayahuasca, Depression and Me

Jerry B. Brown Far along the path of life, I fell into a rare dark nine-month depression.  I say “rare” because, blessed with good brain chemistry, […]

At Chacruna: New Narratives with Psychedelic Medicine: An Interview with Mellody Hayes

Sean Lawlor Dr. Mellody Hayes was told she would never go to Harvard, because people from the inner-city high school she attended didn’t go there. But […]

At Chacruna: How Many Ayahuasca Drinkers Are There in Brazil?

Luís Fernando Tófoli As a Brazilian ayahuasca scholar, I am frequently asked about the number of ayahuasca drinkers in my country. This is a tricky question, […]

At Chacruna: Thirteen Steps for Promoting Access and Inclusion in Psychedelic Science: You Say You Value Diversity, Here’s How to Prove It

NiCole T. Buchanan Organizational leaders often claim that they value diversity but provide little evidence that equity, access, and inclusion are a priority. When organizations value […]

3a Conferência Indígena da Ayahuasca

Nós, representantes de Povos Indígenas do Vale do Juruá – Apolima-Arara, Ashaninka, Huni Kuin, Jaminawa, Jaminawa-Arara, Kuntanawa, Nukini, Puyanawa, Shanenawa, Yawanawá e Shawãdawa, Noke Koi, reunidos […]

At Chacruna: The Visionary Art of Mahku – Huni Kuin Artist Movement

Amilton Pelegrino de Mattos, Ph.D. For the past few decades, Ibã has registered and transcribed the ritual songs and knowledge of his father, Tuin Huni Kuin, […]

Uma experiência de casamento homossexual no Santo Daime

Lígia Duque Platero e Klarissa Platero Cinco anos atrás, nos casamos no Rio de Janeiro, em um ritual religioso do Santo Daime. Recentemente, Shelby Hartman publicou […]

At Chacruna: Why we support the growing grassroots movement to Decriminalize Nature First and Forever

Decriminalize Nature Oakland Background: This table has been created by Decriminalize Nature (DN) in response to a blog post by David Bronner titled “Why We Support the 2020 […]

At Chacruna: People of Color Making a Difference in Psychedelic Healing

Although often behind the scenes, people of color have been critical in advancing psychedelic healing in science, policy, and the community. Chacruna wants to dedicate space […]

10 Calls to Action: Toward an LGBTQ-Affirmative Psychedelic Therapy

Alexander Belser, Ph.D. To my friends in the psychedelic community: we have rainbow skeletons in our closet. Many people do not realize psychedelic medicines were historically […]

At Chacruna: Peyote Harvesting Guidelines

Anna Ermakova, Ph.D. Peyote is a small, psychoactive cactus that grows in Mexico and small part of Texas, in the USA. It grows in the Chihuahuan […]

At Chacruna – The Commodification of Ayahuasca: How Can we do Better?

As ayahuasca becomes increasingly popular across the world and is incorporated as a sacrament or medicine within diverse communities and settings—from indigenous communities to churches to […]